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Adult physicals can help you stay on top of your physical health and reduce the risk for specific medical conditions. Our team offers adult physicals for patients who want to detect the presence of existing health issues and work with their doctors to prevent conditions from becoming worse. Adult physicals are routine wellness checks during which our doctors can evaluate your physical health to prevent or improve specific health problems.

Adult physicals are available at the Center for Adult Medicine and Preventive Care in Passaic and the surrounding area. During your appointment, our team can answer any questions you may have about your health and about any screenings you may need. Our goal is to empower you to stay healthy and to seek treatment as needed so you can stay in good health as you continue to age.

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Overview of Adult Physicals

Adult physicals are routine physical examinations performed by a doctor or nurse practitioner. The purpose of an adult physical is to check the status of a patient's overall health, discuss any health concerns, and perform routine screenings for cancer and other diseases. These appointments usually occur once a year, but may take place more often based on a person's unique health needs. For instance, MedlinePlus suggests that men between the ages of 18 and 39 should have their blood pressure checked once every two years.

Signs a Person May Need an Adult Physical

It is usually recommended that adults get a physical checkup at least once per year. However, some patients may need physical exams more often based on factors such as age, gender, and the onset of certain symptoms. People may need an adult physical if several years have passed since their last physical, they recently started a new job that requires a physical exam, or they are experiencing symptoms that require an exam or screening.

Benefits of Getting an Adult Physical

The main benefit of having an adult physical is the opportunity to detect and prevent serious medical conditions and receive routine immunizations and screenings. According to the CDC, adults should receive routine immunizations at specific stages of their lives, such as the influenza vaccine once per year, Tdap boosters every 10 years, and the human papillomavirus vaccine between the ages of 27 and 45. We can also help patients change harmful lifestyle behaviors, such as smoking and sedentary habits, to reduce the risk of heart disease and other related conditions.

How Adult Physicals Work

During an adult physical, the doctor asks the patient a series of questions about medical history and lifestyle, and about any symptoms, the patient may be experiencing. Then, the doctor will physically examine the patient's body for marks or growths that may indicate cancers and other conditions. Doctors may also listen to the lungs and heart, and check vitals such as height, weight, and pulse.

Follow-Up Care for Adult Physicals

Adult physicals do not usually require follow-up care unless the patient undergoes tests and screenings during the appointment. The doctor will normally follow up via phone or email to discuss test results and schedule additional appointments if necessary. If no health problems are detected, the patient does not need to return for another physical until the following year.

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Adult physicals are an ideal, effective way to maintain good overall health and to detect and prevent serious medical conditions. To schedule an appointment for an adult physical, call our office today at 862-702-5116.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should adults get a physical?

Most adults receive a physical at least once per year, though physicals may occur more or less frequently based on a person's gender and age. For example, doctors usually recommend that women aged 65 and older have their blood pressure checked once per year. Our doctor can recommend the frequency at which you should receive adult physicals based on your unique health status.

How should adults prepare for a physical?

Adult physicals usually require very little preparation. Wear clothing you can easily take off and put back on because you will likely need to change into an examination gown, which will allow our doctor to fully and efficiently examine your body during the appointment. Depending on what laboratory tests the doctor plans on ordering, you may be asked to fast a certain amount of time beforehand. Bring lists of all medications and supplements you are taking and any symptoms you may be experiencing, as well as questions you want to ask about your health.

What questions should patients ask their doctors during a physical?

Your adult physical is the ideal and appropriate time for you to ask our doctor any questions you may have about your health. You can discuss the routine screenings you may need and how they are performed, or about new medications that can help treat any existing health conditions you may have. You and the doctor can also talk about preventive steps you can take to maintain good health, such as the types of foods you should be eating and exercises you can do.

How long does an appointment for a physical last?

An adult physical typically lasts about 30 minutes. However, some physicals may take slightly longer for patients who have a lot of questions or who must undergo several routine screenings. Our team can provide you with a more accurate estimation regarding how long your next exam will last based on the screenings and procedures you may need.

Which screenings should adults get during a physical? reports that health services generally recommended during an adult physical include screening for cholesterol, blood pressure, and viral infections such as hepatitis, HIV, and AIDS. Screenings for breast, cervical, colorectal, prostate, and skin cancers, as appropriate, as well as oral health checkups, should also take place during adult physicals. Our doctor can inform you about the types of screenings you will need based on your current state of health.

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